Health Protection Agency HPA has urged those individuals who are unable to stay in the country before receiving the 2nd dose of the covishield vaccine because of their travel plans to notify the agency through the COVID hotline.

In an announcement, HPA said that those who have to travel abroad for studies or for medical purposes within 8-12 weeks after receiving the 1st dose of the vaccine and who are unable to stay for the 2nd dose must notify the agency and share their details via the 1676 hotline.

HPA said that individuals can share their travel history with the agency via email as well.

It also said that only individuals who had received the 1st dose of the vaccine 4 weeks ago must notify the HPA of their travel plans.

The Agency noted that once such individuals notify the agency of their travel plans, HPA would schedule an appointment for them to receive the 2nd dose of the covishield vaccine and would notify the individuals when and where to receive the vaccine.

HPA said that individuals must bring the following when they come for their vaccination appointments;

  • COVID vaccination card
  • Identify Card
  • Airline ticket or travel document
  • Document regarding medical travel
  • Document from college or university
  • Prescription of long-term medicines

As HPA readies for the administration of the second dose of the covishield vaccine, it would begin giving the first dose of the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm in the Greater Male' Area today.

HPA had said that all above 18 years of age can receive the vaccine and that individuals must complete 2 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine to receive full immunization from the vaccine.

The Agency had been administering the covishield vaccine donated by India earlier this year and has now administered the first dose of the vaccine to 218,912 individuals.