President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has held discussions with relevant authorities regarding the proposed project to build a Youth Skills Development Centre in Laamu Atoll Kalhaidhoo.

Speaking during the meeting held this morning at the President’s Office, President Solih strongly urged to commence the construction phase as soon as possible.

He stated that this project is essential to accomplishing the Government’s goals to safeguard and provide opportunities for the nation’s youth and nurture generations of healthy, happy, and reliable citizens.

The President's Office said that the discussions covered a wide range of relevant and pressing topics, from the programs to be conducted in the center to financial details and associated government agencies.

In his address to the nation during this year’s inaugural session of Parliament, President Solih had shared his Government’s vision and plans to rehabilitate youth who have fallen victim to substance abuse.

He had cited the Youth Skill Development Centre in Kalhaidhoo Island as one of the critical projects to this end.

The center aims to rehabilitate and reintegrate victims of substance abuse back into society through a series of holistic treatment methods. It falls under the Government’s Youth Rehabilitation Action Plan and will offer education and skills training in addition to medication.