Health Protection Agency HPA has confirmed two COVID-19 deaths in the Maldives as the pandemic situation takes a turn for the worse in the island nation.

Earlier today, HPA had tweeted saying that last night at 08:12 pm, a 78-year-old Maldivian woman taken to IGMH ER, declared dead on arrival, tested positive for Covid-19.

HPA had also said that earlier this morning at 03:17 am, a 59-year-old local woman also taken to IGMH ER in an unresponsive state was declared dead at 03:46 am.

HPA had now declared both the death as COVID-19 deaths taking the total pandemic death toll to 58.

Most of the individuals who died in the Pandemic in the Maldives are local with 51 Maldivians and 7 foreigners succumbing to the fast-spreading illness since April of last year.

The pandemic situation in the country has worsened at the turn of the year with authorities now declaring this as the worst COVID-19 wave the country has yet experienced.

In a dire warning, Health Emergency Operations Center HEOC Spokesperson Dr. Fathimath Nazla Rafeeq said via Twitter yesterday that she can tell with absolute certainty that this is the worst wave of COVID-19 infections the country has had. She said that with hospitalizations alarmingly high and a handful of beds remaining, the country is in a critical state.

She implored the nation to help the authorities control the spread of the virus saying that it is now or never.