President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has sent a letter of condolence to the family of the late Ibrahim Hussain-fulhu. In his letter addressed to the widow of the deceased, Khadheeja Ibrahim, President Solih conveyed his heartfelt sympathies to the family during their time of grief.

In his letter, the President stated that the late Ibrahim Hussain-fulhu provided an exemplary track record of invaluable contributions throughout his career. President Solih added that he was a well-respected figure amongst islanders of Thulhaadhoo, highlighting his many contributions to the education sector.

The President noted that the late Ibrahim Hussain-fulhu had served Thulhaadhoo School for more than 40-years.

He had been a mentor for the better part of the younger generations of Thulhaadhoo Island, with a remarkable commitment to spreading the message of the Holy Quran through tutoring children.

President Solih described the passing of Ibrahim Hussain-fulhu as a great loss to the people of Thulhaadhoo and the education sector of the country. Acknowledging that Ibrahim Hussain-fulhu had extended invaluable services to the nation, he expressed his deep sympathy to the family in their time of grief and offered his prayers that Allah (SWT) to grant eternal Jannat to their beloved family member.