Police say it has arrested an under-age suspect in relation to the alleged kidnapping case reported in the capital Male’ last month.

Police said that the suspect below the age of 18 years was arrested under court order. Police had previously arrested a 31-year-old suspect in relation to the case.

It said that the court had initially set the suspect’s arrest for 15 days and once the suspect was taken for a second remand hearing it had sentenced that the suspect should remain under police custody for 15 more days.

The case of the alleged kidnapping was reported to Police on the 31st of October after the victim went missing on the morning of that day and remained unreachable late into the evening. Police had initiated a search for the missing woman after her family reported the incident and have sought the assistance of the general public.

Police called off the missing person’s search after the victim returned home on her own the next morning but recounted that she had been kidnapped, mistreated, and blackmailed with assailants extorting a huge sum of money from the victim.

The victim had reportedly said that her assailants had only let her go after she had paid MVR 25,000 to them.

Police are actively investigating the alleged kidnapping case.