Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed says he has no intention of tabling a no-confidence motion and subsequent vote against the Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail.

He made the comment while answering a question fielded by a local journalist at the press conference held at the parliamentary building earlier today.

Nasheed said although he does not have the intention to table a no-confidence vote against the under-fire economic Minister, the government majority MDP has to have internal discussions on the matter.

He said these discussions would continue within the different parts of MDP including the national congress, nation steering committee, and MDP congress.

Nasheed said that he felt that it is his responsibility as Speaker of the Parliament whether to determine if having a particular person as a cabinet minister is detrimental or not to the people, party, or the government. He noted that he would not hesitate to point on any misgivings he has about anything and is not afraid to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

Speculation has been mounting for months after reports emerged that the Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed is working to submit a motion of dismissal against the Economic Minister.

The Minister himself had insisted that he had not done anything that would warrant dismissal from his post and had squashed reports that Speaker Nasheed is behind the dismissal rumors.

To pass a motion of dismissal against a cabinet Minister, the parliament would need the votes from 44 MPs and reports have said that the Speaker has not managed to get the votes for the dismissal.