President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says the current administration’s biggest achievement thus far has been creating a peaceful and stable environment for the citizens of this nation.

In his address to the nation on the occasion of the republic day celebrated today, President Solih said that two years ago the people of this country had been in turmoil with gang violence as well as political instability gripping the nation.

He reiterated that the people had been thirsty for stability and peacefulness and this administration has now achieved this for the country. President Solih labeled this as the biggest human rights achievement accomplished on behalf of the people.

He thanked the security services for their role in establishing social harmony and stability in the country.

President Solih said that when his administration came into power, the people of the Maldives had been denied their basic rights, and his government had restored these rights. He noted that these include freedom of expression, freedom to the media as well as the right to information.

He stated the importance of these rights to creating a stable democracy in a republic country.