The Opposition PNC/PPM coalition has reacted vehemently after the state pressed criminal charges against President of the People's National Congress PNC and Acting Leader coalition Abdul Raheem Abdulla.

In a strongly-worded statement, the opposition said that pressing criminal charges against a political rival for allegedly using obscene language is ample evidence of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's paranoia and desperation.

It said that he knows full well that his days in office are numbered, and that the first opportunity that the Maldivian people get to vote freely, he will be ushered out of the President's Office, to stand trial for his long list of abuses of power, violations of the Constitution and obstructions to justice.

The opposition stated that it appears that, having lost all credibility locally, he is now relying on the support of a neighboring country, his family members in high places, and paid hands in key institutions to keep him in office.

Botching the national response against Covid-19, plummeting public confidence in the regime over the impunity and selective justice and the faltering economy has turned Solih into a nervous wreck. His grip on power is loosening, and increasingly resorting to heavy-handed attempts at silencing the opposition. His brother-in-law Police Chief Hameed and his faithful subject Prosecutor General Shameem are being unleashed on all critics of the government, including the opposition leadership, the independent press, and rights activists. After locking up Opposition Leader, Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom on trumped-up, politically-motivated charges, and withholding his fundamental rights, Solih has now turned his attention to the current leadership of the opposition, starting with PNC President Abdul Raheem Abdulla.
Statement from Opposition Coalition

The Opposition coalition mocked President by saying that Solih has already outdone his party colleague Nasheed as the quickest president to lose the plot completely and rely on strong-arm tactics to cringe onto power and added that all he needs to do is to recall Nasheed's fate in 2012 to get a glimpse into his impending fate.

It concluded the statement by stating that the violation of people's rights will not save an incumbent politician in the Maldives.

It declared that the opposition cannot be bullied, intimidated, or silenced and warned that President Solih would face life imprisonment for his crimes.

This statement comes after Prosecutor General's Office charged coalition leader Abdul Raheem for the use of obscene language under the Penal Code section 615. The PG office had forwarded the charges to the Criminal Court and if Abdul Raheem is found guilty of the offense, he could face a maximum jail sentence of one month and six days.