The National Reintegration Center has received its first detainee after the local man who was arrested upon his return from Syria after allegedly taking part in terrorist activities in the war-torn country was transferred to the center.

The Center was established last week in Himmafushi and would host those who return to the Maldives from areas labeled as active warzones. The center would fall under the authority of the Home Ministry.

Home Ministry said the individual who returned from Syria had been transferred to the center yesterday after he was arrested on the 15th of this month upon his return to the Maldives. He was arrested under a court order and had been taken in front of the judge yesterday for an extension on the order.

Yesterday, Criminal Court had sentenced that the suspect is remanded in custody for 30 days as stipulated in the Anti-Terrorism Act that states that a suspect must be detained for 30 days to make a risk assessment.

The act states that any individual who returns from an active war zone must be detained temporarily to determine whether he/she had taken part in an act of terrorism or whether the individual had received such training.

Home Ministry lauded the establishment of the reintegration center as an important step in protecting the Maldivian society from individuals who come back from war zones having taken part in terrorist activities.