President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says youth are the drivers of our nation as the country marks its National Youth Day.

In a tweet to commemorate the day, President Solih sent his best wishes to young people across the country today.

He went on to say that the youth are the drivers of our nation.

President Solih added it is society's collective duty to unlock their full potential by providing them opportunities and including their say in deciding the future of the community.

Meanwhile, Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof called on the youth of the country to work hard to achieve their dreams and to tackle each obstacle in their way with bravery and sincerity.

He made the comments in his video message to commemorate the day.

Minister Mahloof said each individual can reach their aspirations with hard work regardless of their status and rank in the society and that his own experiences are testaments to this philosophy.

He called on the youth to refrain from crime and bad habits while making themselves individuals that society would readily accept with open arms.