MP for medhu Henveiru constituency Ali Azim says the opposition’s IndiaOut campaign is an attempt to topple the government and further weaken the legal cases against the previous administration.

He made these comments in an article published by MDP Newsletter.

MP Azim said the opposition’s unjustified campaign against a friendly nation aims to achieve an unrealistic dream.

He said this dream was to bring about a regime change and throw out the cases against the opposition currently in the courts.

MP Azim accused the several leaders of the opposition of trying to shift the spotlight off them as they are facing corruption investigations.

He said that their attempts to throng citizens against India is a mere distraction to ward off suspicion from them and that they are more likely to stay out of jail than to make India stay out of the Maldives.

MP Azim is an earnest critic of the opposition-led ‘IndiaOut’ campaign. He had made his opinions on the matter clear via social media on multiple occasions.