National Counter-Terrorism Center NCTC Director Brigadier General Zakariya Mansoor says with the help of foreign experts the center has trained more than 1100 Maldivians to fight terrorism and violent extremism.

He made the comments while speaking at the one-day webinar held to strengthen & empower Maldivian media against Terrorism & Violent Extremism.

The webinar organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs was held in partnership with the NCTC and Maldives Police Services.

It was held to further educate the media on using news reporting tools while covering stories related to radicalization and violent extremism. Officials also said that the virtual seminar was held to make the media understand and realize its role in safeguarding national security while reporting on terrorism and extremism.

Speaking at the webinar, NCTC Director Brigadier General Mansoor said that the most dangerous issue facing the international world is the rapid rise of terrorism and acts that perpetuate these radical ideologies.

He said that these groups were creating chaos and confusion within communities with no regard for the laws and regulations of the land while destroying people’s properties and harming lives outside of the norms of the society.

He also said that the most important step the NCTC has taken against terrorism and violent extremism is to formulate the National Strategy on Preventive and Countering Violent Extremism