Health Emergency Operation Center HEOC spokesperson Dr. Fathimath Nazla Rafeeq says another individual from Gaafu Dhaalu Hoadehdhoo has tested positive for COVID-19.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Nazla said the person was tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday and that the total number of positive cases reported from the island has now reached 45.

Dr. Nazla out of the 45 individuals tested positive for COVID-19, 32 individuals have now recovered from the illness, and 13 are still under treatment for COVID-19.

She added that two individuals who tested positive from Hoadehdhoo are currently undergoing treatment at the Gaafu Alifu Villigilli COVID-19 facility.

Clarifying more information about the latest individual to test positive from the island, Dr. Nazla said the person had been identified as a contact of a previous positive case and that the person had tested positive after giving samples having completed 14-days of quarantine.

She said the sample was taken on the 22nd of this month along with samples from 10 other individuals who had completed quarantine and that all the other samples had tested negative for COVID-19.

HEOC Spokesperson said 230 individuals have been identified as contacts of previous positive cases and samples for another 11 have been taken as they are now pending in the lab.

Dr. Nazla also said that authorities had made home visits yesterday in Hoadedhoo and had identified individuals presenting COVID-19 like symptoms.

She said that their samples would be taken today.

Hoadehdhoo has been under HPA monitoring since the 3rd of this month as two individuals who presented at the flu clinic in Hoadehdhoo tested positive for COVID-19.

Upon the discovery of the unrelated cases of COVID-19 on the island, authorities had declared a local transmission of the pandemic on the island of Hoadehdhoo.