Maldives Airports Company Limited MACL is seeking to rent out the Executive Lounge at the new Seaplane Terminal of Velaana International Airport.

In an announcement, MACL said that is seeking to lease out the Executive Lounge of the Seaplane Terminal and called on interested parties to send a letter, email or fax to the company before 11: 00 am on the 23rd of this month.

MACL said that once the interested parties submit their names, addresses, email, and contact details the company would register them and send the pre-compiled bid document.

MACL said that those parties that submit bids must be seaplane, tour, or resort operators. It added that the interested parties must pay USD 10000 as bid security to each plot they wish to lease.

The company said it had organized an option site visit for bidders on a first-come basis and that the visit would be on the 28th of September at 11: am in the morning. MACL said the deadline to submit the bids would be on 11th October before 11: am.

MACL said that it would conduct its bid evaluation based on financial and technical matters and award the bid to the party that proposes the most financial gain to the company.