Police have requested former President and Special Advisor to the opposition Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik to attend its headquarters today.

But it is unclear why the police have requested the presence of the former president who was summoned to the police last month.

That time he was summoned to the police for failing to wear a facemask while addressing a crowd at the rally held on the 28th of August by the opposition coalition.

After his visit to the police, ex-President Dr. Waheed said that he had lowered his facemask to address the crowd as it was difficult to speak with the mask on.

He also said that the police summon had a political motive and showed that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had no other option but to do so.

It is now mandatory to wear a facemask in public in the Greater Male’ Area and is punishable by a fine of MVR 1000 for the offense.