Nurses and orderlies employed at Hulhumale' Hospital on Sunday, 06 September 2020, gathered to protest in raising voice for their concerns.

The protest took place sometime on Sunday late afternoon with the premises of the hospital venue, where roughly 50 of the hospital's staff had gathered to address their issues.

Nurses and orderlies employed at the hospital had used placards and banners with written statements about their concerns and plights during the somewhat silent gathering. Due to the venue the protest took place, all of the participants kept an orderly manner about their movement.

According to local media, the nurses and staff of the hospital were pressing over discrimination in government's disbursement of risk and other relevant allowances.

Many of the protest's participants had stressed on several of the nursing fraternity members not subjected to such allowances, while cases of inequal allowance pays have been raised.

One of Sunday's protest attendants commented to The Press Mv stating their aim was to address the ambiguity surrounding risk and other health sector allowances state was disbursing. The attendant had further noted that many who were working in high-risk condition had not received allowances for their work.

Meanwhile, many health sector employees have mounted complaints over state's promise of risk allowances in light of Covid-19.

The situation becomes critical even more following reports of employees at leave receiving risk allowances while many who are at frontline have yet to receive it.