Maldives Police Service on Tuesday, 01 September 2020, has acquired public assistance towards the manhunt for 11 expatriates who have gone into hiding.

According to authorities, all eleven of them had gone fled from their designated quarantine facilities and have not been located since. Moreover, the individuals have now been announced as fugitives hiding from local authorities.

Meanwhile, local police have issued details of these individuals to the public in order to increase the search. The details as per Maldives Police are as follows;

  • Ropak Kuri, Laksmipoo - Bangladesh (Passport No: BM0938722)
  • Bachchu, Komilla - Bangladesh (Passport No: BR0872347)
  • M.D. Sahada Mathubbaru, Paridpu - Bangladesh (Passport No: BH0071524)
  • M.D. Milon Sheikh, Jenaida - Bangladesh (Passport No: BX0843257)
  • Sumon Ahamed - Bangladesh (Passport No: BX0876943)
  • Rab, Komilla - Bangladesh (Passport No: BE0857437)
  • Mohommad Rubel Miah, Komilla - Bangladesh (Passport No: BE0329984)
  • Maznu Pramanik, Rajbharee - Bangladesh (Passport No: BM0067339)
  • Khokon Maalik, Chadhufu - Bangladesh (Passport No: BX0536661)
  • Shahadhath Hossain, Chadhufu - Bangladesh (Passport No: BE0524543)

The details of all 11 fugitives reveal they are all Bangladeshi expatriates while Maldives Police Service have requested from local community to come forward and contact the authority if they are privy to the whereabouts of any of these individuals.