Gaaf Dhaal atoll Thinadhoo reports the island's second Covid-19 positive case, discovered from a crew member of a vessel originating from the island.

Meanwhile, the island council's President Ali Amjad confirmed the second individual found with positive signs of the disease was another deckhand of a vessel. Amjad also confirmed the nationality of the deckhand, adding they were Bangladeshi.

The first case from the island was discovered from crew member employed at a vessel called 'Dheraha' which originates from Thinadhoo. This marks the second case of the island as well as the second case originating from the vessel's cluster.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has placed the island under monitoring following discovery of the first Covid-19 case from the island.

Maldives is currently experiencing a second, and more stronger, wave of Covid-19 spread with a total of 7,804 cases reported. On the other hand recoveries have surged to 5,155.

According to Ministry of Health the total active cases stood at 2,615.