At a time when the incumbent state has come under media and public scrutiny following two compliance audit reports made on government ministries showing several irregularities, the opposition continues to throw strong verbal jabs.

While both Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism have come under fire over dubious transactions, with the case of the ventilators taking up local headlines by storm the Opposition Coalition's main sell seems to be these alleged cases of corrupt by state officials.

Meanwhile, the Opposition continues to maintain their stance of the current administration attempting to fine the citizens in order to offset the deficit in their budget.

The top-brass of the opposition coalition have, on several occasions, hinted the current administration's relative failure in policy making and protecting the citizens. Many aligned with the opposition also criticizes current government of attempting to constantly 'bleed the public dry' whenever they run out of funds from the state coffers.

The opposition's constant stance of being at loggerheads with the state has provide a new episode as PNC's Leader, Abdul-Raheem Abdulla makes taunting statements.

Abdulla who currently remains as the central pioneer of the opposition movement claims Maldives state would have received a 'handsome income' by fining the participants of the Friday rally.

Moreover, the political leader who does not mince for words said that the government had received a 'golden opportunity' to increase state coffers on Friday by charging each of the participants, inclusive of the youths who took part in the rally, by MVR1,000 (on each).

The PNC leader's taunting remarks are a direct jab at current government, a notion maintained unanimously by the opposition that the state has failed to generate revenue without 'bleeding the public dry.'

Abdulla's criticism at the government has come at a time when PNC's Deputy Leader and former Baarah constituency MP Ibrahim Shujau was fined with MVR1,000 in relation to the Friday's vehicle rally.

Meanwhile, Maldives Police Service had summoned both Shujau and the official Advisor to Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik following the vehicle rally.