Maldives Immigration on Saturday confirm the expatriates wishing repatriation to their home countries can easily arrange for the trip.

The Immigration department notes that several expatriates residing in Maldives for work, have been requesting to return to home countries following expiry of their employment approval and Work-Visa applications.

Moreover, the department notes traveling back has been made more convenient with the border reopening and quashing the international travel restrictions.

Expatriate workers with a valid passport can directly go to the airport for repatriation with the filled application for Voluntary Departure Form (IM07).

Furthermore, Maldives Immigration cites expatriate workers with any restriction on international travel will not be aided with repatriation under the program.

Immigration department further notes expatriate workers without a passport or expired passports should visit the Expatriate Monitoring and Repatriation Section for assistance between 08:30hrs and 11:30hrs on every working day.

The repatriate-facilitation program will reman effective from 24 July until 31 December 2020.