The opposition PNC/PPM coalition calls the government to reveal the truth behind the recent migrant workers strikes in the Maldives.

In a statement, the opposition noted that Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi had implied that the recent strikes organized by migrants were not held due to unpaid salaries but had a hidden agenda behind the demonstration.

The opposition called on the government to clarify her remarks and reveal the true nature of these strikes to the general public.

It also highlighted comments by the Chief of Defense Force Major General Abdullah Shamaal in which he said that the situation in the country resembles that of a country under colonial rule and urged the government to shed more light on these comments.

The Opposition said that when the country’s defense officials admit that the migrant issue has escalated to the point of being a threat to national security, it is a disconcerting matter indeed.

It also called on the government to mitigate the threat posed by migrant workers to the country’s national security.