Islamic Ministry says although communal prayers have been allowed to resume in the Capital City, there would be no congregational Friday Prayers in the Male’ Area tomorrow.

The Ministry said huge congregations are formed for Friday Prayers and these prayers are usually longer than the Fard (compulsory prayers).

The Ministry also said that the lockdown ease is being implemented in phases and that authorities are monitoring the effects of each phase as future decisions depended on the results of these effects.

It also said that health experts have said that the threat of a further spread of COVID-19 is still imminent.

The Ministry said it took the decision to delay congregational Friday Prayer upon the recommendation of the religious scholars and the guidelines set in the religion.

Communal prayers resumed in the capital city at dusk yesterday with the Maghrib prayers, for the first time since March 18th when congregational prayers were banned in the Male’ Area because of the COVID-19 global pandemic.