Schools in the Maldives reopened after a three month hiatus as the country moves ahead to the third phase of lockdown ease in the fight against COVID-19 global pandemic.

In the capital Male’ City where the spread of the COVID-19 infection is still regarded serious, schools opened only for key stages 4 and 5 (grades 9-12).

For the rest of the country students of key stages 1 to 5 (Grade 1 to 12) are allowed to attend sessions.

The government had set a guideline for school reopening which states that each session will be conducted for 4 hours and that students have to attend school for 4 days every week. It also said that staffs and students must wear masks while they are in school.

The guideline also states that each entrance to the school must have arrangements for temperature monitoring while assembly and other extra-curricular activities should not be conducted.

It also said a minimum of 3 feet distancing should be practised at all times while hand washing or hand sanitizing arrangements should be in place.

Social distancing in the classrooms/ Photo: Education Ministry

Schools are expected to disinfect classrooms between sessions while classrooms are to be cleaned daily. The guideline also said that during weekends, classrooms will be deep cleaned and disinfected.

Schools in the country were closed back in March after the discovery of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.