Male' City Council on Saturday notes that the Maldives capital's most prominent trade spot - the local fish market - is set to reopen under new normal.

According to the city's council authority the market venue is ready to reopen with social distancing markings and have further advised the locals and sellers attending the site to wear face masks or coverings when visiting the premises.

As of now, locals and purchasers are buying fresh catches by placing orders outside of the market premises.

The Male' Fish Market will reportedly reopen on 1 July, while the country's borders are set to reopen for international travels in 15 July. It is widely expected that the island nation is pushing towards life under new normal in the coming month.

Although the venue will be reopened for public entry, city council authority notes that the premises will allow a set number of people within the market area at any given time. Moreover, each individual's body temperate will be recorded prior to entry into the market zone.

City council further reports the fishing vessels will be able to conduct business of selling their catches after acquiring permission from the authority.