The crew member who fell overboard the docked 'Gas Atlantic' vessel at industrial island of Thilafushi on Friday evening has been found dead.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) confirms the individual was found motionless 51 meters below sea level, and the deceased for located around 12:22hrs on Saturday afternoon.

The news was confirmed by MNDF Information Officer, Major Ibrahim Azim who also added that trained divers from the security authority's Coastguard division were combing the area before they discovered the victim's body.

Sources claim two expatriates aboard the vessel fell overboard on Saturday evening, the incident was believed to have taken place around 22:00hrs. Out of the two who fell overboard, one was rescued and pulled into a dinghy traveling near the vicinity.

While one was rescued almost immediately after the incident, the other was not found during initial attempts to trace him.

Meanwhile, both MNDF and Maldives Police Service have refrained from disclosing the condition of the rescued expatriate.