Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has appointed former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan as the party's Special Advisor.

The former president was appointed for the role during a special press briefing by the political party on Monday evening, at their official premises.

At the press conference the former statesman confirmed in continuing with the efforts of championing the democratic system of Maldives. He also affirmed unhindered works in improving the system, noting the most important element for a matured democracy is a functioning opposition.

Dr. Waheed became the Maldives President in 2012 after former President Mohamed Nasheed announced his decision to step down following a nationwide political strife.

He was the running mate of Nasheed during the 2008 presidential election through which his presidential candidate, was elected as the first president through a multi-party election.

In 2008, Nasheed also became the first president to ever get elected in Maldives democratically. However several connecting events of political unrest deterred his efforts of mainting a five year term and stepped down from presidency.

Months later, Nasheed will go on to claim he was forcibly 'evicted' from the role of a president and accused his running mate, Dr. Waheed of spearheading the protests against him.