Members of the parliament calls for the arrest of former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik as MPs debate the emergency motion on the ex-leader.

MP for Ungoofaaru constituency Mohamed Waheed presented the emergency motion to the parliament alleging that the former president fabricated the verbal attack on the former leader yesterday by an activist belonging to the ruling MDP.

While debating the motion, MPs representing the ruling party called on authorities to rescind the allowances given to Dr. Waheed as a former president and also to arrest the former president for the crimes committed against the people of the Maldives.

Speaking at the debate, MP for Inguraidhoo constituency Hassan Ahmed said that while in power the former president had denied the rights of many and is now aiming false accusations at a member of the public and should be arrested for these fabrications.

He accused the former president of trying to destabilize the nation and urged the commissioner of the police to arrest Dr. Waheed.

Deputy speaker of the parliament and MP for Galolhu Uthuru Constituency Eva Abdullah said that the public voted for an MDP government to bolster the country’s future but the events of the past would not be so easily forgotten.

Eva said that she would never forget the injustices carried out by Dr. Waheed on 8th February 2012 and would never forgive for these wrongs.

Parliament session in progress/ Photo: Majlis

MPs also said that Dr. Waheed was not elected as a President and that he should not be given the allowances afforded to former presidents nor allowed to hold his own office as the president denied many their rights.

The emergency motion came as an activist belonging to the ruling party verbally abused Dr. Waheed and his wife as they enjoyed their morning exercises yesterday morning. The former president said that the instigator used foul and vulgar language and called it an attack on his persons.

Political parties such as the PPM Coalition, Jumhooree party, and Maldives Reform Movement all condemned the attack on the former President while prominent members of the ruling MDP defended the attacker and his actions.