Under the second phase of lifting lockdown restrictions, the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) claimed deliveries will be stopped after 22:00hrs effective from Monday, 15 June.

During the press conference held on Sunday evening, the official spokesperson on Covid-19 related matters Mohamed Mabrook Azeez had attested to the changes.

Moreover, Azeez commented people will not be allowed outside their residences between 22:00hrs until 05:00hrs, adding deliveries will be stopped at 22:00hrs as well.

He further warned food and beverage businesses such as cafes and restaurants will not be permitted to deliver orders after 22:00hrs, and they are restricted from traveling after the mentioned hour.

Earlier, the lockdown eases had reportedly allowed for deliveries until 23:00hrs and shops to operate until the same time.

According to authorities, public will be allowed to go outside and travel without permit in Greater Male' Region between 05:00hrs to 22:00hrs.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) advises the public to adhere to social distancing protocols and wear face masks at all times.