The islanders of Lhaviyani atoll Naifaru on Wednesday took to the streets protesting against the violence ensued at Maldives Parliament on Monday night.

The locals of Naifaru voiced their protests regarding the violent assault directed at the constituent's representing lawmaker Ahmed Shiyam.

Protestants came in front of Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) office around 16:45hrs of Wednesday afternoon.

Moreover, the protestants had gathered adhering to social distance protocols as the country is still amid viral pandemic outbreak. Additionally the islanders all wore face masks to protect themselves.

Wednesday's protest at Naifaru marks the first such public gathering since the country came under the viral pandemic's outbreak. Participants of the protest voiced their strong criticism against Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed as well.

Meanwhile, doctors had claimed the assaulted MP received fractures to his hip and chest bones. MP Shiyam had been advised for bed rest for a duration of four weeks.

On Monday's parliament sitting, MP Shiyam was ordered by Parliament Speaker to leave the chambers. Ruling party members had then attempted to push and shove Shiyam while he was being escorted out by Sergeant At Arms.