Ministry of Economic Development has revealed the operating/business hours for local shops under the new normal.

According to the ministry, shop outlets can remain open between 09:00hrs to 21:00hrs for essential services. The outlets will be able to deliver goods to customes between 09:00hrs to 23:00hrs.

Moreover, cafes and restaurants will be able offer delivery services between 09:00hrs to 23:00hrs.

Furthermore, the ministry revealed it will be easing on entry to shop outlets in the coming month. The outlets have been advised to practice precautionary measures, and urge customers to adhere to social distancing protocols while entering business premises.

Meanwhile, cafes and restaurants can be expected to open in the coming month. However, the said establishments will restrict smoking and use of hookahs or shishas.

The restrictive measures will remain, at an intermediary ease, until September which the state expect will have normalcy.