Opposition, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) have raised concerns over the apparent community transmission of Covid-19 virus at Shaviyani atoll Narudhoo.

According to the prime Maldives opposition the state has been sluggish in presenting amicable counter measures in curbing the viral contagion's outbreak in the island.

In a press statement on Sunday, 03 May, the opposition party argued the health officials and state have been slow in improving the health sector and facilities at the island of Narudhoo, which has reportedly the second strongest community spread after Male' region.

Opposition stressed the absence of a qualified team of medical officers and health officials in the island as well as the non-availability of test mechanism. PPM further raised concern over the lack of isolation facilities in close proximity of the island or the atoll while the possibility of direct contacts with infected persons is alarming.

The island of Narudhoo is currently among Health Protection Agency's (HPA) closely monitored sites.

Narudhoo is currently experiencing a total lockdown, with travels restricted both in and out of the island barring any access to medical treatment outside the island.

PPM raised concern of the lack of proper medical equipment and facilities to treat the infected at the island.

Maldives opposition urged the country's government to facilitate better health care and expansion of medical treatment across the country amid the viral outbreak.