A petition urging for immediate control on rent from flats and apartments has been filed and presented to Maldives Parliament by Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain.

The petition, presented by the lawmaker is an initiation by the Male' Tenants Union (MTU), which was brought forth in December 2019.

Reports confirm the petition has been presented to Maldives parliament with a total of 800 signatures.

MP Ali Hussain, is one of the most vocal parliamentarians regarding rent control in Male' City.

Meanwhile the union claims, Maldives government and the parliament must act quickly to resolve the prolonged matter on hiking rent prices of flats and apartments in the Maldives capital.

The union notes the unfair rent prices push working class citizens towards multiple employments simultaneously to make 'ends meet.'

The public opinion on the matter presses on the parliament being controlled by lobbyists in favor of pushing up rent prices.

Moreover, it has been generally alleged the issue on rent control will not be resolved since most parliamentarians include individuals earning passive income through renting out flats and apartments.