The former Minister of Housing and opposition's mayoral candidate for Male' City Dr. Mohamed Muizzu claims eliminating competition is a sign of tyranny.

Dr. Muizzu made the statement as a direct jab at the current government led by ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Opposition suspects the ruling party was attempting to intimidate and undermine campaign efforts by Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) candidates.

The former Minister of Housing voiced his concerns following his summong to Maldives Police Services on Saturday evening.

Though his party confirmed about the summoning to local media, PPM did not disclose the details related to it.

However, it has been widely speculated the local law enforcement had summoned Dr. Muizzu regarding an arbitration filed by Noomadi Resorts and Residences against Maldives state.

Dr. Muizzu disclosed the nature of his summoning to media post his interrogation at the authority's premises.

The mayoral candidate claimed he was accused of several misconduct by the law enforcement authority.

Meanwhile Dr. Muizzu suspects link between his mayoral candidacy to Elections Commission and the police summoning as a ruling party schemed ploy to derail his campaign efforts.

The opposition's mayoral candidate further commented such politically motivated attempts by the ruling party gives evidence to government's ploy to eliminate the competition in the elections.

Dr. Muizzu urged the state to provide a non-discriminative and equal opportunity for candidates to compete in the elections. He also noted, conducts breaching equal opportunity is against democratic principles.