Fifty people have been killed with more than 200 injured in a stampede as thousands of Iranians gathered for the burial of the country's top military commander.

The deaths in Soleimani's hometown of Kerman has led to his burial being delayed.

At the time of reporting, it was unclear the cause for the stampede - however vast number of people have taken to the streets on Tuesday morning ahead of the planned burial.

Meanwhile millions are estimated to have packed the streets for a series of funeral processions in Iran; regarding Soleimani's burial.

The drone strike ordered by US President Trump on Friday killed the Iranian commander, who was the frontman of the country's powerful Quds Force.

The US-Iran tensions have been stirring up ever since the Western giant designed to pull out from the much haggled over nuclear deal with Tehran.

Following the strike, Iran dignitaries have lambasted US government and it's president.

On Tuesday, the Middle Eastern nation's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif had accused US of "state terrorism" adding the country will act proportionally and were not lawless unlike Trump.

The situation between the countries have escalated with talks of an apparent and impending conflict in the region.

Meanwhile the Iranian parliament has pushed forward on votes to declare the US troops at the country as "terrorists."

Though US identifies Soleimani, the slain commander, as a terrorist; he was however, the head of the Quds force tasked with defending and projecting Iranian interested abroad.

Moreover, Soleimani was hailed as a hero in his home country.