The Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has called US President Donald Trump's order of a drone strike which killed the Middle-Eastern country's top military commander an act of "state terrorism."

Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif criticized US President Trump in an interview with CNN on Tuesday.

According to Zarif, Trump administration's decision to forfeit from the nuclear deal Tehran negotiated with world powers, and embrace hardline policies against Iran has destabilized the Middle Eastern region.

Moreover, Zarif warned the US to reverse course adding the repercussions may not bode well.

"This is an act of aggression against Iran and amounts to an armed attack against Iran, and we will respond" Zarif said, adding "(but) we will respond proportionally not disproportionally, we will respond lawfully, we are not lawless people like President Trump."

The Iranian Foreign Minister's statement was a direct jab at US President's threat filled tweet on Saturday where he had attempted to drive Iran into intimidation claiming the United States has 52 Iranian sites targeted including culturally significant venues.

His tweet has landed Trump in more media and public ostracization with many pointing out calling for the destruction of cultural and heritage sites was in clear violation with the Geneva Convention.

Tensions between Iran and US have escalated since Qasem Soleimani, the head of Iran's powerful Quds Force was killed in the drone strike on Friday.

Thousands upon thousands of Iranians came out on the streets to join in the funeral of Soleimani, whom the locals reveres as a national hero.