Sri Lankan authorities nationwide inspection resulted in the apprehension of 12 Maldivian locals, on Sunday.

Meanwhile Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs have confirmed the locals were apprehended over absence proper travel documents; such as travel visas and passports.

Cases of apprehension by Sri Lankan authorities included the possession of expired travel documents or the complete lack of such documents.

Moreover, Sri Lankan authorities have confirmed two out of the 12 who were apprehended during the nationwide crackdown have been presented to the country's court for due process.

The two who were presented to court include on local who resided in Sri Lanka without a visa for 09 months, with an 08 month old expired passport.

The other individual is tried for absence of proper travel documents and the attempt of smuggling a cigarette brand that is illegal by Sri Lankan law.

Another Maldivian female who was living in Sri Lanka without a visa for 06 months was released under bail with a fine charged.

A family of three minors and their mother were taken into police custody for lack of proper documentation, however upon producing legitimate documents declaring they have presented to renew passports and visa to Sri Lankan embassy, were released.

The crackdown has come following the extra security detail througout the country after the Lankan bombing on 21 April 2019.