President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has urged the country to make today the day the Maldivian people gave their greatest assistance to the Palestinian people.

He said this in his remarks at the inauguration ceremony held for the nationwide fundraising telethon by the Public Service Media PSM for Palestine.

President Muizzu said that more and more assistance was needed for the people of Palestine at this time. He urged the entire Islamic Ummah to be involved and see it as the right, and responsibility of every Muslim to do everything possible for the Palestinian people.

The President concluded by saying that he does not doubt that the people of the Maldives will prove today that they are with the people of Palestine. He also urged the Maldivian people to continue helping their brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Under the direction of the President, the Public Service Media has appointed an independent auditor to ensure that the funds raised from the event reach their rightful beneficiaries. The telethon will continue until 12 midnight and 13 fund boxes have been placed in different parts of the capital city.