Defence Minister Ghassan Maumoon says he has more information about the assassination attempt made against former President and former Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed in 2021.

The Minister said this while speaking at the Parliament today in response to a question asked by the MP for Maafannu North Constituency, Imthiyaz Fahmy.

MP Imthiyaz said that the attack against Nasheed remains unresolved, almost like it never happened, and that it was a dangerous conclusion. He further requested the Minister to assure this administration would dwell on how deep the incident went.

In response, Defence Minister Ghassan assured the parliament that the Maldives National Defence Force would provide security and protection to all those it is legally assigned to protect.

Ghassan said he was closely monitoring the developments of the attack against Nasheed and had new information he wanted to share with the Parliament.

However, he said that he could only share the information if members of the parliament sought it.

During the Presidential Campaign, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu promised to find justice for the former President.