Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Aslam says the Parliament would not put the matter of giving its approval to three cabinet members who it had rejected in the initial vote to the Parliament's agenda.

At a session last month, the Parliament gave its approval to 19 cabinet members and refused to back three members including Islamic Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaheem, and Housing Minister Dr. Ali Haidar as well as Attorney General Ahmed Usham.

But President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu re-appointed them to their posts and the government forwarded their names to the parliament for approval. This prompted a motion from the MP for Galolhu North Constituency Eva Abdullah questioning the legality of the President's decision to re-appoint the rejected cabinet members.

Speaking about the matter today, Aslam said that how the Parliament would act on the re-approval would be more clear once the Parliament decides on MP Eva's motion.

He said that the Parliament would only start work on approving the three cabinet members after concluding its work on the motion.

Speaking after submitting the motion today, MP Eva said that the government's decision to re-appoint the two Ministers and Attorney General may lead to the public losing faith in the government. She said that the government should reconsider its decision and keep its decision in line with the Constitution.