The National Register of Taxi Drivers is open for registration.

Yesterday, the Transport Ministry said the compilation of a national register of taxi drivers in Maldives under the Week 14 roadmap will be implemented as per President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu’s promise. In line with that promise, the ministry has compiled a national register of taxi drivers and it is now open to the public to register.

The Transport Ministry has asked those who wish to register in the register to submit their applications through the dedicated form on the ministry's SIMS portal.

The Presidential Election Campaign meeting with the owners of taxi centers in the city. Mohammed Muizzu has said that he will find a solution to the concerns of taxi drivers and create a register of taxi drivers.

Principal Secretary to the President on Public Policy Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim told a news conference last month that some activities such as fishing and taxing have not yet become permanent and formal income-generating activities.

Nazim said that after discussions, the register will be developed with a digital payment system, and in consultation with banks, the fee charged by banks will be abolished.

Nazim said the cabinet has decided to make the necessary preparations and discussions to make the taxi services environmentally friendly as the city is being developed as an eco-city by the President.

The President has asked all stakeholders, especially taxi drivers, to be properly consulted on the matter and no one's rights will be violated. The Economic Council has been asked to plan and carry out a system whereby government companies or a company will take over the investment when establishing an environmentally friendly taxi system.