The Parliament has today accepted a motion submitted by the MP for Villigilli Constituency Saud Hussain that calls on the government to ban Israeli nations from entering the Maldives and boycotting Israeli products because of Israeli aggression in Gaza and occupied Palestinian territories.

The motion was submitted to the parliament last month and was delayed due to pending legislative matters including a no-confidence vote against the previous Speaker of the Parliament.

However, the motion was presented to the floor today and all the members who spoke during the debate on the motion condemned the Israeli regime for its indiscriminate bombing of Palestinian territories since October 7th.

The Parliamentarians also called on the government to ban Israelis from entering the Maldives.

After the debate, the motion was put to a vote on whether it should be accepted for further review and all 68 MPs present at today's session voted in favor of the motion.

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Aslam then accepted the motion and forwarded the motion to the Parliament's Foreign Relation Committee for further review.

The motion from MP Saud is calling for several actions. This includes;

  • Condemn Israeli attacks and call for an immediate ceasefire
  • Ensure the human rights of all Palestinians
  • Severe ties with Israel

The Parliament's Foreign Relation Committee has recommended the government to issue a ban on Israeli passports and another MP has submitted an amendment to the Immigration bill that also looks to ban Israeli from one of the world's leading tourist destinations.