Newly appointed Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer joined pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside his office today and chanted 'ceasefire now, ceasefire now' calling for an immediate halt to Israeli military aggression in Gaza and occupied Palestinian territories.

Zameer addressed protesters and reporters outside the foreign ministry and assured that the new government is working for a ceasefire and the opening of a humanitarian corridor to Gaza which has been cut off from the world since October 7th.

He said in the last few days, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has met with officials from countries and organizations and has indicated that the Maldives calls for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine and to restore the 1967 borders with country status that has the freedom to operate on their own.

The Minister said he himself has had meetings in which he insisted on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. He then joined protesters by chanting "Ceasefire now, ceasefire now".

Protesters first gathered outside the Parliament today and called on authorities to ban Israelis from entering the Maldives as well as boycotting products that support the Zionist regime.

Israel has been indiscriminately bombing Palestinian targets in Gaza as well as the occupied West Bank. More than 13,000 people have been killed in Gaza since Israeli bombardment began on October 7.