Maldivian Parliaments say there is no need to hold more debates on the inhumane actions of Israel against Palestinian people and that they now want to take immediate action.

During the debate on a motion submitted by the MP for Villigilli Constituency Saud Hussain that calls for the condemnation of Israeli aggression and the acceptance of an independent Palestinian state, Members of the Parliament called on the government to take more meaningful action to condemn Israel.

Speaking during the debate, MP for Horafushi Constituency Ahmed Saleem said that the Israeli regime is now working to wipe Palestine from the map and the Western media are not even using the word 'Palestine' in its reporting.

He said that the purpose of this was to change history and wipe the memory of Palestine from the minds of the younger generation.

MP Saleem aimed heavy criticism at Western powers like the US and UK who continue to stand by Israel as it kills thousands of innocent people in the name of self-defense.

In her comments, the MP for Addu Meedhoo Constituency Rozaina Adam questioned how those who keep defending the Western powers as they defend Israel while it bombs schools and hospitals. She noted that even though the major powers are siding with Israel, it is evident that only their leaders are with the zionist nation.

Gazans lift those injured in an Israeli strike in the Strip/Photo: Times of Gaza

MP Rozaina said that there were no countries that have not seen massive pro-Palestinian protests and that the world has seen the Israeli government suppress Israelis who protested.

Meanwhile, the MP for Inguraidhoo Constituency Hassan Ahmed asked the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Aslam to make arrangements in order to submit a petition calling for the end of Israeli aggression signed by all the MPs of the Maldivian Parliament.

He said that meaningful action must now be taken against Israel and the time for releasing statements of condemnation was over.

MP for Mahchangoalhi South Constituency Ahmed Haitham said that many parliaments across the world are protesting against Israel and that the Maldives too have protested against the attacks and are providing aid to the Palestinians in different forms.

However, he lamented that no tangible action had been taken to stop the Israelis.

We should ban Israeli passports, ban their products, we should do everything we can in this matter
MP Haitham

His views were echoed by the MP for Vaikaradhoo Constituency Hussain Ziyad who called for action as a nation against the Israeli attacks on Gaza and occupied Palestinian territories instead of just issuing a statement.

He added that currently, the best action to take is to ban Israelis from entering the Maldives.