Five members have been selected to preside over the session of the Parliament in the event of the absence of the Speaker and Vice-Speaker.

After the commencement of the session, the Speaker announced the names of the five members and appointed them to preside over the session. The members are:

• Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed (Meedhoo Dhaairaa)

• Gasim Mohamed (Maamigili MP)

• Ahmed Saleem (Eydhafushi MP

• Abdul Gafoor Moosa (Hanimadhoo MP)

• Ahmed Amir (Kudahuvadhoo MP)

Therefore, the names of the previously appointed Vilufushi MP Hassan Afeef and Maradhoo MP Ibrahim Sharif were removed from the list.

Aslam appointed the five members under Article 44 of the Parliament Standing order. According to the article, five members shall be appointed to preside over a session in the event of the Speaker and Vice-President being absent. Priority should be given to the members who have served the parliament for the longest period of time.

According to the rules, all five members can preside for three consecutive sessions.

However, if the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker are unable to hold the presidency, the presidency will be taken over by the oldest member of the House.