The organizational structure of the newly inaugurated government shows that three key government agencies under three different Ministries have now been moved under the newly named Homeland Security and Technology(formerly Ministry of Home Affairs).

The Ministry, headed by former MNDF Soldier Ihusan Ali, has now inherited the Immigrations which was formerly under the Defense Ministry as well as the National Drug Agency which was under the Health Ministry.

The Ministry of Homeland Security will now also oversee the Department of National Registration DNR as well as the National Center for Information Technology NCIT.

In the previous government, DNR was under the Planning Ministry and NCIT was under the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology.

The government of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has created 4 new ministries and one agency. The Ministries include the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Welfare, the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts, and the Ministry of Cities, Local Governance, and Public works.

The new agency created is the Office of Civil Rights.

The government has also published the Dhivehi names of the government offices and agencies. The President's Office said that the name boards of the offices have now been been put up with their names in both languages.