The Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee has decided to recommend banning Israeli passports and banning Israeli tourists from entering the Maldives to the government.

Two Parliamentarians have already submitted documents on this matter to the Parliament. This includes the motion by the MP for Villigilli Constituency Saud Hussain and the letter from the MP for Mahchangoalhi South Constituency Ahmed Haitham.

Speaking at the Committee meeting today, MP for Maradhoo Constituency Ibrahim Shareef noted that Maldivians have always provided assistance and aid to the people of Palestine.

He further said that the Maldivian government continues to condemn the inhumane acts of Israel and that the government is doing all it can in the international arena.

MP Shareef proposed banning the Israeli passport in the Maldives and to recommend this to the government.

The Israeli government has issued a travel advisory against the Maldives cautioning its citizens from coming to the Maldives. The Maldivian people don't want to welcome Israeli tourists and they don't want the money which would come from these tourists
Shareef, MP for Maradhoo Constituency

The MP for Horafushi Constituency Ahmed Saleem seconded MP Shareef's proposal as other committee members also supported the proposal. Chairperson of the Committee MP for South Henveiru Constituency Hussain Shaheem said that the committee report would recommend the government to implement these measures.

Many gathered outside the parliament calling for the ban of Israeli passport/Photo: Mihaaru

Several protesters gathered outside the Parliament building today, demanding the ban of Israelis into the Maldives as well as banning any imports from Israel over its relentless campaign in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza since the 7th of October.