Police have arrested two individuals for the alleged arson attack at Maafanu House Plaza which resulted in a fire at the building earlier today.

Police said two local men have been arrested in connection with the incident and further investigations are underway.

No one was injured in the fire, but a car in the building was damaged. The fire broke out in a garbage dump in an uninhabited warehouse building.

The fire has now been brought under control.

"The Press" has learned that this is the second time the house has caught fire and that a number of addicts use the abandoned building.

This is the second fire incident reported in the capital today.

Earlier in the day, MNDF responded to a fire at a store named 'Vega Point' on Rai Villa Goalhi. The fire burned down the whole store and also a pickup and 15 cycles parked in front of the store.

All the vehicles were damaged beyond use. MNDF is investigating the origin of the fire.