Maldives National Defence Force MNDF has confirmed that the unidentified creature spotted on Noonu Atoll Maafaru is a cat and does not pose any harm.

This comes after a video went viral yesterday which showed a large four-legged animal prowling on the grounds of the Airport. The video was shot from a distance and the nature of the animal was unclear but showed that it was a large animal.

MNDF soldiers had tried to find the animal after its sighting was reported but to no avail.

They then sent armed servicemen to further search the area in case the animal poses a danger.

Maafaru Council said that the search did not find any carnivorous animal and after analyzing the video MNDF shared that the animal in the video is not a dangerous creature.

Speaking to 'The Press', MNDF said today soldiers have gone to Maafaru today and searched the entire area of the airport and that the search did not come up with anything other than cats.

MNDF further said that the animal in the video is a cat and the animal might have appeared larger in the video because of the distance and angle it was videographed.

Most on social media have speculated that the animal in the video is a tiger and that it may have been transported from one of the many private planes that land in Maafaru Airport and escaped into the island.