Former MP for Vilifushi Constituency Riyaz Rasheed says under the reign of JP Presidential Candidate Gasim Ibrahim, Maldives would host Euro and World Cup qualifying matches.

Speaking at a JP campaign rally held at Sultan Park yesterday, Riaz who is Gasim's Advisor said the JP is the biggest political party that is willing to create the most opportunities for the youth and has also given cabinet opportunities to minority representatives.

Riyaz said that one of JP's pledges is to build a stadium capable of hosting the Olympics and that under Gasim's administration world famous football player Lionel Messi would play at the Galolhu National Stadium.

Riaz highlighted that it is concerning that islands are unable to host tournaments each holiday and that under Gasim's reign, the youth should not have to beg to get things done.

He added that Gasim would sponsor any sports event regardless of its size.