Moolee, the leading online marketplace in the Maldives, has announced a new partnership with, a prominent provider of sacrificial meat services.

Ooredoo, said that with this partnership, Moolee and Bakarimv have created a seamless solution that allows customers to conveniently order and donate the sacrificial Ul'hiyyaa, Aqeeqa, or Fidhya through Bakarimv via Moolee's platform.

Once an order is placed on Moolee, Bakarimv will handle the entire process of the sacrificial goat slaughter, packing, and donation according to the customer's preferences.

Managing Director of Bakarimv Ibrahim Jadheedh Ibrahim said that together with Moolee, Bakarimv is excited to make a positive impact by enabling online order placement and delivering the meat to those in need, and promoting the values of charitable giving.

Meanwhile, Ooredoo Maldives Managing Director & CEO, Khalid Al-Hamadi said that the company understands the logistical challenges faced when trying to donate, especially for the people within the regions.

Ooredoo ensured that the sources of the meat are specified for each product, allowing customers to choose from a variety of meat options sourced from different countries.

It also said that customers can conveniently place their orders by visiting and selecting their meat option. They can also specify their delivery request in the special instruction box and proceed with the payment to confirm their order.

With this new partnership, Moolee and Bakarimv hope to streamline the process of sacrificial meat donations and make it more accessible to customers across the Maldives.